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Verndogs prides ourselves on helping create well balanced assistance animals who will have successful, long running careers for their disabled handlers. Verndogs early access scheme is for dogs between 8 weeks to 6 months old who cant pass the initial Verndogs temperamental assessment due to their age and lack of experience. This does not mean the dog has behavioral issues or other issues making them unable to be trained. The early access scheme gives dogs who dont quite meet DDA standards access to public spaces with owner/manager permission. This early access scheme is in place to create a way for prospective assistance dogs to be exposed to stimuli they will be expected to endure in daily life. Imprinting these situations and stimuli as early as possible in a dogs development has shown better success rates and less behavioural issues as the dog ages. On top of this, experiencing an array of encounters and stimuli as puppies has shown to improve a dogs adaptability to new situations as adults and for assistance dogs that can be crucial for both the dogs and handlers wellbeing and safety.

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