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ABN: 70439067346

Verndogs Australia operates as a sole trader with hopes to become an incorporated association in the future. Businesses trading as Sole Traders can implement their own rules and regulations regarding the operation of their business.
Working under a sole trader business structure means financial loss and profit is the sole responsibility of the business owner. 
Why a sole trader?
Verndogs is founded by and run by one individual with a volunteer committee who helps with decision making and with the progression and growth of the business. Overall, all decisions are made by the sole trader, as the final decision.
In the past, Verndogs referred to ourselves as a ‘Not-For-Profit’, however has since corrected that statement ever since our business registration as a sole trader. In saying this, Verndogs does not have any financial gain or profit which goes back to the owner, much like other businesses operating as sole traders.
When calculated, the ‘wage’ or income of the owner of Verndogs, operating as a sole trader is:
We don’t make any profit providing the work that we do, and that often involves working 12+ hours a day to ensure our members receive the support they need.
While in the past we have made the mistake of calling ourselves a ‘not-for-profit’, we most certainly are not making a profit. 
In the future, registering as a company and as an incorporated association is our goal, but as a team of disabled individuals who struggle to work, and who are not making a profit off Verndogs alone, this expense needs to come out of pocket. At this point in time, that is not achievable, which is why we implement contracts to protect our members, staff and the rest of the community.
For more information on our business structure, your rights as a member, and more, do not hesitate to contact the team at

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