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Representing With Respect

Our Advocacy program is aimed at established teams who are comfortably training their assistance animal, who might need extra assistance in the case of an access issue or discrimination case. Verndogs assesses and certifies owner trained dogs & other animals to help handlers provide essential proof of their dogs training where needed. Verndogs will happily advocate for any team, so long as they are abiding by DDA laws. This program is Australia wide, and applicants from any state can join. Any members who are in the advocacy program have the option of receiving basic training advice to help them task train their animal, or touch up on obedience. All advocacy members will receive a basic temperamental evaluation upon application, and will receive mandatory assessments to be performed every 6 months, to ensure animals are still maintaining standards needed for assistance animals in Australia. For more information, email the team at



This program is currently being reconstructed 

Verndogs Start to Finish Program is a step by step program, taking you start to finish on the journey of training your assistance dog (currently unavailable for other animals). The follow along video series is accompanied by a detailed guide to help keep track of your training. All STF program members receive the same assessments as the advocacy program.
The STF is currently undergoing reconstruction. For more information, email the team at



Experienced Counsel

The Verndogs Hands on Program aims to provide physical training to any teams local to a verndogs trainer/assessor. These classes will cover aspects including basic and advanced obedience, task training and public access training. All start to finish members will receive the same advocacy and assessment as any advocacy or start to finish members, including biyearly behavioural assessments, and a yearly Public Access Test. For details on which verndogs assessors are near you, email the team at

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Verndogs Programs: Practice Areas
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